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Let's Talk About
Accessory Dwelling Units
On the Sunshine Coast, BC

How do I know If I can have one?
What are my limitations?
What Click models qualify as ADUs in the SCRD?
What's involved in installing a Click ADU on my property?


Can I have and ADU on my property?

The Sunshine Coast Regional District

If your property is in the SCRD, and not part of the ALC (Agricultural Land Commission), then the quick answer is "YES". Single family lots are now zoned for the addition of a secondary home that has increased in size from the prior 592 ft2 (55 m2) to 969 ft2 (90 m2). 

  • Learn more about the SCRD Bylaw changes here

Which models qualify as ADUs?

Click has 4 home models that qualify as your secondary home:

Choose the model that suits you!

Ready for move in 10-15 days from installation on the foundation

Normally, a Click home is ready for you to move into within a few weeks after the home has been installed on the foundation, services connected and final paint.

Serving BC's Sunshine Coast  

Click homes can be found throughout the Sunshine Coast and Howe Sound corridor. We are also interested to hear about any multi-unit opportunities and projects on Vancouver Island and the Lower Mainland.

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