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  1. CSA certification
    Our homes meet the following CSA certification Standards:

  2. CSA A277-16 “Procedure for certification of prefabricated buildings, modules, and panels”,

  3. BC Building Code (Part 9),
    BC Plumbing Code,
    CSA C22.1 Canadian Electrical Code, Part 1


  4. How much do Click's cost?
    The Landing - 507 sq. ft.
    Spot' cabin or guest cottage starting at $184,899

    The Grantham - 750 sq. ft.
    Our most popular model starting at $286,699

    The Davis - 910 sq. ft
    Our 2nd largest home and starting at $315,699

    The Hopkins - 936 sq. ft
    Our signature home for view properties, starting at $326,999

    The Franklin - 1100 sq. ft.
    Our largest home, starting at $335,399


  5. Will Click Modular help me with the site preparation?
    You need to find a local Contractor who can help you with your site, but Click will provide you with engineered foundation drawings for the Contractor.

  6. Why buy a Click Modular Home
    Predictability on price and time
    Our fixed pricing and timing for the delivery helps you to avoid the typical “unknowns” and "gotchas" often associated with the traditional building a custom home.

    Our homes deliver the modern look and feel of a custom home

    You can rely on our 25+ years of construction and design experience to lead your project through to a successful completion.


  7. What are the advantages of building in a factory?

    1. Materials and staff are kept in a climate controlled environment removing any and all weather issues. 

    2. Good working conditions and lighting results in error free construction, increased efficiency and superior build quality. 

    3. Factory construction is an environmentally friendly way to build homes. From recycling and waste management to the reduction of neighbourhood intrusions of noise, waste, people & vehicle traffic; any way you look at it modular homes are the way of the future and here to stay.​

  8. Can I do parts of the project on my own?
    You or your Contractor manage all of the site preparations, foundation, decks, stairs, landscaping, and services connectivity. 

    In other cases some of our customers buy Click Modular homes and perform the finishing work themselves. We call this a “lock up” delivery, which means that walls, windows, doors and roof are in place, as are the rough-in for plumbing, electrical, vapor barrier and drywall. You are left to complete the interior finishes to suit your needs.


  9. Can Click Modular help me evaluate my building site or help with different building sites I am considering?
    Click Modular is available for consulting on any local to the Sunshine Coast projects. Whether it is an issue of variances, setbacks, or understanding local regulations, you may engage us as your project consultant..

    Contact Us for pricing and contract details.

  10. What kind of buildings does Click build?
    Click Modular Homes are designed as primary dwellings, but that doesn’t mean you can’t also use them as guest houses, staff quarters, offices, or even as secondary dwellings.

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